designer: Tiffany
period: Art Deco
price: 29500000
Tiffany Art Deco Diamond Necklace
period: Georgian
price: 750000
Antique Quartz And Gold Cannetille Earrings
period: Victorian
price: 595000
Antique Gemset Insect Earrings
period: Art Deco
price: 1750000
Art Deco Sugarloaf Amethyst And Diamond Ring
period: Victorian
price: 695000
Antique Opal And Diamond Half Hoop Bracelet
period: Victorian
price: 2100000
Antique Spinel And Diamond Bracelet
period: Victorian
price: 725000
French Antique Opal And Diamond Locket
designer: Van Cleef & Arpels
period: 1970s Onward
price: 3300000
Van Cleef & Arpels Multi-Gem
designer: Cartier
period: Mid-Century
price: 4695000
Cartier Paris Chaine D’ancre Mariner Link Bracelet

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The Jeweler's Loupe

A Retro cocktail ring comprised of an emerald in a square-cut diamond frame overlaid and flanked by a scrolled gold band, in 18k and platinum. Chaumet, Paris. 19.79g. LFG report #406198 indicating that the emerald is of Colombian origin, minor clarity enhancement; meas. 10.8 x 10.1 x 4.8mm. Atw emerald 2.95 - 3.60 carats, medium saturation, atw. diamonds 1.75 carats. Accompanied by the original box